Our Work

By funding research and education, the National Farmers Foundation seeks to build on and strengthen the progressive farm movement in Canada through partnerships with like-minded direct-membership voluntary organizations made up of Canadian farm families sharing common goals. The National Farmers Union (NFU), the only farm organization incorporated through an Act of Parliament, is such an organization and the progressive farm movement in Canada.

The NFF believes that a strong rural community in Canada is an essential part of our national culture. In the National Farmers Foundation, we work collectively to strengthen the farm community by:

  • building ties between farmers in all parts of Canada and farmers in other countries;
  • building ties between farmers and non‐farm people;
  • ensuring all people have access to an adequate, nutritious food supply that is produced safely;
  • promoting equity for women and young people in their farming communities;
  • promoting social support systems that permit people in farming communities a good quality of life
  • promoting the development and maintenance of Canadian infrastructure to serve the principles of food sovereignty; and
  • advocating for governments to form fair and constructive policies related to food production and food trade.

The NFF believes that the problems facing farmers are common problems, and that farmers producing diverse products must work together to advance effective solutions. We work in support of the development of economic and social policies to maintain the family farm as the primary food-producing unit in Canada.