Our Work

Supporting Young Farmers

Your donations allow the NFF to support activities like the NFU Youth Retreat and the newly released podcast, “Sow and Grow.” Both urban and rural communities benefit from the education, activism, and momentum these projects create as the next generation of farm leadership builds its capacity and networks.

Supporting Food Sovereignty

The National Farmers Foundation works in partnership with the NFU and other family farm/peasant, indigenous and rural workers organizations within the global movement, La Vía Campesina, to build food sovereignty.

Food sovereignty is about empowering people – farmers and eaters – to make the important decisions about food and agriculture. It is the condition where people define their own food and agriculture systems to produce healthy and culturally appropriate food for people through ecologically sound and sustainable methods. The concept of food sovereignty is expressed through six pillars:

  • focuses on food for people
  • values food providers
  • localizes food systems
  • puts control locally
  • builds knowledge and skills
  • works with nature

Supporting Research and Education for Farmers and Family Farms

In collaboration with the National Farmers Union, the NFF supports research and education to drive policies and decisions that deliver social and economic justice for farmers, eaters, and the earth. Among the current priority areas are farmland ownership and control, climate changes, livestock, and seed sovereignty.

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