Who We Are

The National Farmers Foundation (NFF) is a charitable organization dedicated to the promotion, creation and enhancement of food systems based on the principles of food sovereignty: sustainability, equity, and justice. Through research, education, and projects that advance these principles we aim to support food producers, workers, and rural communities in Canada.

Our Values

The NFF strives to integrate and reflect the following values in our work and organizational practices:

  • COLLABORATION & COOPERATION: We create greater impact by seeking common interests and using collaborative and cooperative strategies within our organization and among the organizations with which we work. We collaborate closely with organizations with whom our values and mission are aligned such as the National Farmers Union.
  • SOCIAL & ECONOMIC JUSTICE: We apply a social and economic justice lens to our work. We reject the corporate control and exploitation of our food systems.
  • SUSTAINABILITY & CONNECTION TO NATURE: We support food systems that value the contributions of nature through agro-ecological production and provisioning methods that protect and enhance ecosystems and diversity, as well as improve resilience and adaptation, especially in the face of the climate crisis.
  • RESPECT & EQUITY: We values and respect the identities, experiences, and rights of those who have traditionally been marginalized and excluded from our food systems, including small scale family farmers, pastoralists, artisanal fisherfolk, forest dwellers, Indigenous peoples and agricultural and fisheries workers who cultivate, grow, harvest and process food. We reject colonial, racist, and patriarchal policies that have sought to undervalue, divide, discriminate against, and eliminate them. We are committed to partnering with and decolonizing our relationships with the original stewards of the land.

Our Organization

The National Farmers Foundation is governed and run by a seven-person voluntary Board of Directors, and has one staff person. Directors are in sympathy with the goals, objectives, and policies of the National Farmers Union, and are all members or associate members of the NFU.

The National Farmers Foundation is not able to accept unsolicited proposals.

The current Board Members are:

Michelle Melnyk (President)

Yuill Herbert (Secretary)

Glen Koroluk (Treasurer)

Kalissa Regier (Director)

Annette Desmarais (Director)

Katie Ward (Director)

Jamie Baxter (Director)



Wyanne Sandler (Coordinator)

The National Farmers Foundation’s work extends to regions across the country and we acknowledge the treaty rights and the unceded rights and title of Indigenous peoples throughout Turtle Island.

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